GOBBLE GOBBLE - Lawn Knives/End of Days 7"

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Lawn Knives is the debut 7" single from GOBBLE GOBBLE on Royal Rhino Flying. Its a-side is an exuberant and explosive strange summer anthem, self-described as "noodly math rock meets the 80s ballad in an oven of mo-fi," while its b-side "End of Days" is an infectious ode to the apocalypse, "in-the-red vengaboys performed by malfunctioning robots."

"'Lawn Knives' is another track from Cecil Frena's hyper-pop project, and it's just as keyed-up - hell, maybe even more keyed-up – than its predecessor."
Pitchfork Forkcast

"DayGlo electro-pop... hyperactive... It sorta makes me think of a 32-bit Dismemberment Plan being quartered (not obnoxiously) by Dan Deacon."

"Listen through the distortions and lo-fi-ness and squiggly synth squeals, and I think you'll hear what I'm hearing. And what are we both hearing together? Great goddamn pop."
Oh My Rockness

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