GOBBLE GOBBLE - Neon Graveyard 12" LP

Image of GOBBLE GOBBLE - Neon Graveyard 12" LP


GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Neon Graveyard was originally issued as a limited run cassette tape on reputable Canadian hardcore microlabel Bart Records. Across 11 songs, bedroom alchemist Cecil Frena unleashes an eerily emotive amalgamation of garborated synth bleeps, guitars that alternately undulate and crackle, field-recorded noise that announces itself in pulsating squalls, lush arrangements that crumble into tape hiss like dried flowers, and desiccate, otherworldly vocals.

“Beyond tales of legendary live shows and an evergrowing “Remix Cabaret”, not much is known about [Cecil Frena] or his GOBBLE GOBBLE outlet. However, what IS known is they released one of the more criminally underappreciated albums of 2009 – tape release Neon Graveyard,” which has since gone out of print.”

“There is nothing you can do to prepare for the body-vibrato-inducing onslaught of the 32-bit gravitron-pop that comprises GOBBLE GOBBLE.”
Weird Canada

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